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Zájezd do Anglie

Zájezd do Anglie

V termínu 24. 3. – 28. 3. 2014 se 21 studentů 2., 3. a 4. ročníků TRIVIS Jihlava, s.r.o. zúčastnilo poznávacího školního zájezdu do Anglie „Tradiční Londýn“ od CK Royal pod dozorem angličtinářek naší školy, Mgr. Pavly Polodnové a Mgr. Jitky Dočekalové.

Trip to Great Britain

We went on our 5 days trip on Monday 24th March in the noon by a coach full of kids from elementary school Strání. It was so exciting for everyone who has never travelled by coach so far. But believe me, in few hours everybody was full of it.  At 4 a.m.  we finally arrived to the French port Calais and took the ferry over the British Channel (Channel La Manche) to the port of Dover. The boat trip took an hour and half so we were in GB in the early morning hours.

             Our program started in London where we saw the sights like Marble Arch or the park of The Qeen Victoria, museum, house and a statue of Sherlock Holmes, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and some of us visited the museum of Madame Tussaud´, where are wax figures of famous people, for example the Royal Family, Evlis Presley, Bob Marley, Charlie Chaplin, Barack Obama, horror characters, comicks marvel characters and many others. We also checked if the “Mother Queen“ is  at home in the Buckingham Palace, but she didn´t come out to smile at us or say hi. Nothing. At the end of the day we went to the legendary London Eye. It was was pretty amazing, because you can see the whole London from the top of the wheel and also see that London si a very flat city. After that we went to find our bus which took us to our host families. The “fams“ were waiting for us at 7 p.m. at the car park near Tesco, but some of us didn´t have so much luck and had to wait longer time and it was exhausting for us, because it had been a very long day. Some of our girls were pleased to be sent to the African family. And guess what? Their wish came true! Everyone had an African family J.         

            The next day we met at the bus in the morning at 8 a.m. And everybody was talking about their new families, what  they had eaten for dinner, and they checked our snacks for lunch from our new moms, we all agreed that dinner had been very tasty. That day almost everyone visited the Starbucks café. We started at the Royal observatory Greenwich fallowed by a short trip by sailing on the boat, which is one of the British public transport over the river Thames. After that we stopped at the Tower of London, saw the Shakespeare´s Globe theatre, went to the Tate Modern – the museum of modern art, and some of us visited restaurant with spicy food. Some of the meals were so spicy that the person who ate it looked like he was crying, how strong it was. The last thing of the day was a nice view of the sunset behind the buildings of London from the Tower Bridge. But a vision of warm bed and hot dinner was still on the top of the list of the best things.

            Last day we started at the Windsor Castle and for our luck we saw the Queen´s Guard change. Next interesting thing we saw was a very prestigious boy school where the boys from rich families study, even princ William and Harry used to go there. That school is called Eton Collage and to be honest it was a very creepy place and another disadvantage of this school was that Harry wasn´t around neither. We took a double decker bus and at 3 p.m. we arrived to LEGOland, where we spent the rest of the day, till the closing time. A bad thing was that it started to rain, bud we didn´t care and had fun, despite everything was wet including us.

            At 8 p.m. we went again on our long journey back home to the Czech Republic, with happy thoughts, new friends, lots of pictures for our curious fams, empty bellies and a vision of 16 hours of sitting in a coach. J

The END…

                                                                                                        Jessica Batbajarová, 4.A

Všechny fotografie ze zájezdu je možné vidět ZDE.

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